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Drowsy driving

Sleep disorders Australia, Road accident statistics show that at least one in six crash are mainly the result of driver inattention or lapses; drowsy driving. In single vehicle accidents on country roads up to one quarter of deaths are the results of the driver falls asleep. In Australia the cost to the community of road crash involving drowsy driving is estimated to be $ 2 billion per years. For more information

According to another survey supported by American Automobile Association Foundation for Traffic Safety, Ph.D. David F. Douglas and his team from University of Pennsylvania spent 2 years from September 1996- July 1998 to finish the report. “In order to prevent crashes resulting from driving, drivers must learn to recognize the danger of driving while sleepy and then take appropriate action to avoid catastrophe. One of the most important actions is to take a break before driving. According to the recommendation of researchers, the driver should try to nap and / or ingest some caffeine during the break. The problem is that it is often not possible to employ one or both of these recommended behaviors. The question then becomes, “what, if anything, can the driver do instead to stay awake?” Quoted the report. The survey also pointed out that stopping by rest area to wash face with cold water is also very effective. It is 79% effective as compare as to 89% effective if you have a nap for 30 minutes.

There have been a lot of research have been done on this topic in order to combat the problem of drowsy driving; prevention drowsy driving. Here are a few samples:
1.US PAT. 6130617 Driver’s eye detection method of drowsy driving warning system.
2.US PAT. 6243015 Drowsiness detection method of drowsy driving warning system
3.US PAT.4594583 Method and system for detection of driver drowsiness by an abrupt steering change.
4.US PAT. 4604611 System and method for detection driver drowsiness including detection of steering rotation.
5.US PAT 4581607. System and method for detecting driver drowsiness of a vehicle.
6. US PAT 5642093 Warning system for vehicle.
7.US PAT. 4203098 Device for preventing dozing while driving a car.
8.US PAT. 4611199. Alarm system ad method for sensing a stand-by state in a driver drowsiness detection system.
9.US PAT. 7126 485 Sleep prevention device while driving.
10.US PAT. 6559770 Eyelash activated drowsy alarm.
11. US PAT. 6879969 System for recognition of driving patterns to prevent themr from falling asleep.
12. US PAT. 4058796 System for providing a driver with helpful information for driving a vehicle
13. US PAT. 6950027 Method to alert drowsy driving and dozing while driving to avoid car accident.
14. US PAT. 7071831 Alertness monitor for automobile driver while they are at wheel.
15. US PAT. 6703412 Method of treating sleeplessness with melatonin on acute basis.
16. US PAT. 5786765 Apparatus for estimating the drowsiness level to prevent driver from falling asleep
17. US PAT. 2910679 Sleep prevention gadget to alarm driver from dozing off.
18. US PAT. 6822573 Drowsiness detection system for car manufacturer.
19. US PAT. 3045225 Sleep prevention device intended for car manufacturer.
20. US PAT. 3227998 Automobile driver attention indicator to avoid the driver from falling asleep.
21. US PAT. 6016103 Sleep detecting driving gloves to alert driver from dozing off due to fatigue.
22. US PAT. 6717518 Method and apparatus for detection of drowsiness.

Unfortunately most of devices are designed to help us detect whether we are drowsy or not they do not refresh or awake you.

However with Cool n Safe Drowsiness preventive Device, it can help you to keep awake.

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